Passion- A Poem by Nia Rose

Do you know what it is to have a passion that does not replenish nearly as much as it takes from within

To devote everything to it with no guarantees that it will give your soul the nourishment it needs to keep creating 

To lose yourself in a lovely fire that you fear will soon engulf and destroy you 

To give everything only to disappear in the nothingness that is left 

To wither away in the blackness of your soul which was once filled with life and joy

That life and joy that once was, diminished from the passion that once uplifted you

Loving anything too much can kill you, I know that

But what if you needed that very thing to breath

That very thing, it has become my biggest motivation and detriment

I am broken, lost, afraid, and most unfortunately, hopeful

Words are my drug of choice 

I fell in love with their power, their beauty, their versatility 

How a few random words can be pieced together so beautifully it can make even the heartless feel 

That’s the hardest part though, conjuring those feeling on a piece of paper 

I strive for perfection, I want nothing more than to create a masterpiece 

I write and write until my fingers are raw and my words are written in crimson 

It’s still never enough 

Thoughts run through my head constantly, beckoning me to bring them to life on paper 

Loving something too much can kill you, but hoping for an impossibility, now that will drive you insane

So I struggle through everyday drowning in my own desire

I’m suffocating 

I’m so tired

But because I am hopeful I somehow float above it all

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