Sun- A Poem By Nia Rose

I want to kiss the sun.
I want to be engulfed in her lovely warmth, her flames licking my skin.
I long to be wrapped in her sweltering heat.
I dream about giving myself to her, her light caressing my skin. 
Her rays would pierce through me, setting my heart ablaze. 
My heart would begin to radiate a brightness almost as grand as hers.

As the sun lays down to rest, the earth falls into blackness and the stars flicker, 
mocking me with their twinkling light.
The moon’s cool skin illuminates the sky, trying to take her place. 
I ignore her lackluster blue ambiance. 
Instead, I wait longingly for the sun’s oranges hues to set the sky on fire once again.

Author: niarosewrites

Hey! My name’s Nia Rose and I love to write, or more like I need to write. Yes, I’m one of those writers who possess that voracious yearning to create. I realized early on this urge wasn’t going away so I decided to embrace it and devote my time to being a professional writer. I wanted to create a space where I could freely post my work and experiment with different genres. My main areas of focus are poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. My goal is to continue growing as a writer and to create content people will enjoy!

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